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Smackjeeves Comic Spotlight + InkOutbreak.

Hi all! <333

First things first -- a bouquet of thank you's to Smackjeeves for giving Soul Dice a place in this website's Comic Spotlight!!! Words cannot express how much of an honor and motivational booster this is! We are truly, forever humbled. m(_ _)m

We'd like to thank to our old readers for staying with us, as well as welcome our new readers to our journey! Our newest page seems spot-on for the occasion, don't you think? Still, I believe all this calls for some extra celebratory art! *winks at writer kurashu* <333

If you have comments or suggestions about anything at all, please don't hesitate to leave your thoughts on our pages. It doesn't even have to be coherent, haha~ We would honestly love to hear from you in any way. <333

In other news, Soul Dice is now on InkOutbreak.com! We would really appreciate it if you guys could support us over there as well!

Again, thank you, and we hope you enjoy our little manga!

- Renka

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